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 The best way to track and share your trips!

The app receives your Facebook and Instagram posts you’ve shared when you travel and automatically adds them to your trip when you allow.  If you want to delete a post, just simply press the X button. 

Add your photos and videos, and the app filters your camera roll, so you only see the ones you took during your trip on the dates selected.

Do you want to remember the unique places you went to during the trip?  No worries, you can add the locations to the map. Plus- if your pictures on Facebook and Instagram post have a location, press the link, and they will be added too! 

Traveling with friends?  Invite them to your trip and they can add their posts, pictures, videos, and locations to the trip as well.

Sign Up


You can sign up with your Apple ID (iOS), Gmail account, or Facebook login information.


Please confirm your name, and email.  We won’t spam you, and we won’t sell or share your information with other companies.


Privacy is very important for us; your data is yours!.


Trip Feed

When you’re not traveling, you can view your friends and family’s trips by checking the Trip Feed.

You will see the trips from all of your connections and people who have their trip set to public (available on the trip settings).

My Trips
“My Trips” contains the trips you created and the trips you accepted to join. Every Trip has its own name, dates, picture preview, and the people who are part of it.

New Trip

Tap the + sign on the bottom right of the screen to create a new trip.


  1. Name your trip, select the dates, and choose the primary location. LifeTripper will collect all your social media posts from Facebook and Instagram into a single timeline.
  2. Add photos and videos from your phone. Use the date filters for convenience! Lifetripper will add them to your trip feed, organized by dates.
  3. Add the locations you visit during your trip.
  4. Choose the Facebook and Instagram posts you want to include or delete from the trip.
  5. If you traveled with other people, add them to the trip! They can add their Facebook and Instagram posts, photos, videos, and locations to the trip. You will see all your travel memories in the same place.
  6. Set up your privacy settings. 

Trip Settings

You can set up the settings for every trip by tapping the settings icon in the top right of your screen.  Here you can:

  • Connect to Instagram: Connect or disconnect this trip to Instagram.
  • Connect to Facebook: Connect or disconnect this trip to Facebook.
  • Public Trip: If you want to inspire others with your incredible trips, make it public! The trip posts will appear in the Trip Feed of other users of LifeTripper.  If your trip is not public, only your connections will see it.
  • Manually approve content: You can manually approve every post imported from Facebook and Instagram, or you can approve them all automatically using this setting.
  • Hide discarded content: Use this setting to show or filter the post you discarded. Only you can see discarded posts.
  • Delete trip: If you want to permanently delete a trip, just press the “Delete Trip” button on the “Danger Zone”.