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Remember and share your trips: places, pictures, videos, Facebook and Instagram posts.

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Lifetripper is easy

Log in with your Apple ID, Gmail account or Facebook user

You can link and use the posts from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Create a trip

Select the dates, name your trip and choose the main location.  LifeTripper will collect all your social media posts from Facebook and Instagram into a single timeline. This can take up to 10 minutes, depending on how long the trip is.

Add pictures and videos

You can add pictures and videos from your phone. Use the date filters for convenience! Lifetripper will add them to your trip feed, grouped by days.

Add locations, posts & privacy

Add the locations you went during the trip, choose the post you want to include or delete from the trip, and set up your privacy settings.

Add your friends and family to the trip

If you traveled with other people, add them to the trip! They can add their Facebook and Instagram posts, pictures, and videos to the trip. You will see all your travel memories in the same place.

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